Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday: Hiding out in Hope. A day and a half and counting down. Strangely the last 160 plus km from Princeton to Hope, were rainy and cold just like the week I started in Nfld. It was a miserable day. I had to drag the vest and jacket out again as it was overcast and chilly, the cool mountain air of the Allison Pass. I was dragging all the way up, then bonked at the top, (probably why I was so cold), then it's 60 kms of flying downhill into Hope. The pavement is terrible (it's been stripped prior to repaving), and the wind- deadly. Had to stop and put my jacket on. You can still see snow on the slopes above.

Even though I can hardly walk today, (legs are dead), just knowing it's just one easy day to the end is envigorating! After this just have to head through the Fraser Valley ( the sound of that word) to Tswassen where the ferry leaves for Victoria.

201 kms-10 hrs 19 minutes-6,757 kms

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  1. Must say something, even if it's only "Three Thousand Cheers, Brian!" for being able to hack what must be totally miserable conditions. Nothing can stop you now - not nature, not the terrain (they aren't called the Rocky MOUNTAINS fer nothin'), nor your stressed out muscles.
    Hang in there - and watch out for those D#$@*ed city drivers!!!!!