Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Let the healing (mental and physical) begin. I actually arrived in Victoria yesterday (Monday August 2nd) but celebrating seem to get in the way of updating the blog.

My final day on the road was short... just 91km but was not without a last couple of challenges as I ended up doing 2 furious time trials... the first was over the last 10km to make the next ferry and save myself an hours wait (made it with less than a minute to spare)... and then a second all out sprint to the end through the streets of Victoria after being slowed up by some construction and knowing that Carmel and family/friends were waiting on me. I ended up missing my predicted arrival time by 9 mins... but that's not too bad after over 7000kms of riding!

The official finish was the mile "0" marker in Beacon Hill park in Victoria, where the TransCanada ends (begins?).  Carmel and everyone were there waiting and I basked in my moment of glory as I was showered with champagne.

As I sit here the morning after... I feel a little lost. It seems strange to not be doing the usual routine of packing up and rolling out for another day of pedalling. The whole thing feels surreal and it will take some time to unwind and settle back into "normal" life. I'll post some final reflections on my journey in a few days but for now, here are the raw details.  Despite what I said before I started, my competitive side took over once I got going and I did turn this into a race to see how fast I could get across the country and of course, to try and beat my birthday (which I did by 2 days!)

Number of days on the road:  42
Number of days actually riding:  40 (2 days off very early on for bike problems and visiting family)
Total distance:  7009 kms
Average distance per day:  175.2 kms  (or 108.9 miles)
Longest single day:  235km  (10 days over 200km)
Shortest day:  91km (the final day)
Total time on bike (just pedaling... not including stops):  339 hrs 25 mins
Average time in saddle per day:  8 hrs 29 mins
and finally... Weight at finish:  150.5 lbs  (start was ~165... so lost almost 15 lbs... but I'll be doing my best to drink that back on over the next little while)


  1. Way too be Bri!!!I envy you! (kind of...except for the saddle sores.) What a trip! If you're more than 155 lbs when you get back...i'm not talking to you! Seriously though...I think you're marvelous!

  2. East to west...detouring through Toronto...BC Highway 3... you didn't take the easy way did you? I have a million questions but for now just accept my warmest congratuations on your achievement Brian.

  3. That is such an awesome achievement, congratulations Brian!! We look forward to hearing all about it as we celebrate your incredible adventure and hopefully help you put some weight back on :).

  4. Leo said for the second time as this posting thing doesn't work all the time....
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 7,009 ks WOW!!!!

    Have a great 5-0 birthday, do something fun like maybe go on a little bike ride...


  5. What an amazing accomplishment Brian. I can’t believe you finished early despite the weather and mechanical problems. You are a machine!! I bet you are already thinking about your next adventure/challenge?! Congratulations and happy birthday!

  6. Yo. Fool. This is Mr. T. Nice job.

  7. Congratulations Brian, and happy birthday - an amazing achievement!

    Will you be riding back to Toronto? :-) Seriously, I hope you've booked a first class flight back to Toronto - it would be very well-deserved!

  8. I followed your ride. Amazing!!
    I am happy that you were able to complete the trip without anymore down days from flats and failed bicycle issues.
    well done
    ian w

  9. Way to go, Brian! Absolutely amazing. So what took you so long? Kidding :-) We're all really proud of you. Now rest up and enjoy a well-deserved break. Benji, John and Deanna.

  10. Happy Birthday Brian!!!!
    Brenda noted another positive about your
    new body weight. We can share clothes!


  11. Happy Birthday, Brian! When are you home? I owe you some cupcakes... :)

  12. Awesome job Brian! You are truly an inspiration, albeit for much smaller treks :-)