Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day Thirty Seven: Cranbrook to Salmo, B.C. Longest, hardest hill ever, 34 kms of continuous uphill... not even one little flat break on the way to the top of the 6 thousand ft Kootenay pass and I did it without taking a break... mainly because I had no idea how long it was until I actually got to the top! Got cheers from motorcyclists resting at top when finished. It was the hardest climb I have ever done... Even trucks were grinding their gears and going so slow, it took them 15-20 seconds to pass me. One of the trucks was a Kokanee beer truck... I almost cried at the thought of all the cold beer just inches away. The reward was a 30k downhill where I did not pedal once... but had to stop to let brakes and wheel rims cool down! Finally finished the day and unbelievably, wound up at a motel run by an ex track cyclist, with signed photo of Lance Armstrong on the wall.
194 kms-9hrs 26 mins. Total to date 6,240km.


  1. So, Brian - you will be riding part of the IMC course when you hit Osoyoos, including Richter Pass! Hopefully will bring back happy memories.

  2. Brian, I am excited for you as you near the end of this amazing adventure! I have to admit that I am also a little bit saddened as you approach your final stop because in the words of the Dos Equis guy "people hang on your (his) every word, even the prepositions".

    "Stay thirsty my friend".