Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Thirty-Six: Tuesday July 28/10 Cranbrook B.C. At the Lazy Bear Motel (C: which B likes because of a childhood nickname Bear (after some TV show BJ and the Bear).
Now the end is tantalizingly near and painfully far at the same time. Maybe Grand Forks by Thursday, Keremeos by Friday, Manning Park Saturday, and Monday Vancouver and the ferry to Victoria.

Can't get over how much traffic there is RVs by the dozen with retired drivers! Constant trucks and cars packed with kids. B.C. is a tourist magnet. Its so stressful have had to put away the ipod to concentrate totally on the traffic. The shoulder is so bad,littered with rocks, cracked and uneven, so have to ride on the road. It's tense.

Heath wise good thing its ending. Have permanent numb spots on both hands and blisters on both cheeks! IE saddle sores. Knees and quads are aching and takes increasingly longer to warm up in the morning. I've noticed my legs cramp easily even when I'm not on the bike.

168 kms-6 hrs 58 minutes- 6,046 kms Total


  1. Son, I read your words, think about the way one feels 20+ miles into a marathon, and can only give you useless advice: grit your teeth and hang in there! I know you'll make it, even if you have to crawl onto the ferry. Remember that awful stormy night on Aconcagua? - if you could hack that, you can lick anything. Lot of folks, some you don't even know, are cheering for you; your Dad loudest of all!

  2. Cupcakes, Brian! Cupcakes! Use it as your mantra to get you through. :)